Come experience the free flow of life!!!  Wells Clinic of Chiropractic Provides Central FL with afforable Chiropractic Care!!!

Our Mission at the Wells Clinic is to serve, educate and adjust as many families as possible towards reaching their optimal health through principled, specific chiropractic, in an effort to allow them to have a greater faith in themselves and their body's ability to heal itself.  Our ultimate goal is to lead people into a greater faith and appreciation for the God that created them!

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Special Hours

Monday January 30th. The Clinic will only be open in the morning from 11-1 ONLY.  No afternoon adjusting from 3:30-6:30.  The Wells Family will be attending an awards ceremony for their oldest son in Tampa that evening.  Thank you for considering this as you schedule your weekly adjustments.


February Event

Dr. With A Heart 

Patient Appreciation Day

Monday February 13th from 11-1 and 3:30-6:30

Come in and enjoy tasty treats with us that day.

Raffle Contest Starting February 1-13th.

Every friend or family member you bring in during the first two weeks of February, you receive two tickets to go into a drawing for a One Hour Relaxation Massage and a Manicure/ Pedicure Combo.

Guests can take advantage of a Complete Neurological Assessment and 3 Specific, Chiropractic Adjustments for only $49.00 ($420.00 value)



Knowing is Half of Healing

We are thrilled to provide you with timely, pertinent information that you can use every day. Feast and enjoy! Let us know what you think.





In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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Health Articles

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again With Chiropractic
Paralyzed Dog Walks Again With Chiropractic
In what may be the first report of its kind published in a scientific journal, the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a study on May 2, 2016, about dog who was paralyzed in his rear legs being helped with chiropractic. . . .
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Older Americans Taking More Medications
Older Americans Taking More Medications
The headline above comes from a March 21, 2016, Reuters news story published in response to a pre-released study on this subject published in the April 2016 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. This article, and several others on this same subject, reported on the growing usage of medication by the increasing . . .
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Resolution of Breech Pregnancy with Chiropractic
Resolution of Breech Pregnancy with Chiropractic
The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health published a case study on November 28, 2016, documenting the resolution of a breech presentation pregnancy as confirmed by ultrasound following chiropractic. . . .
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America's Other Drug Problem: Too Many Prescriptions for Elderly
America's Other Drug Problem: Too Many Prescriptions for Elderly
The headline above comes from an article published on September 4, 2016, in the Los Angeles Daily News. The article was originally produced on August 30, 2016, by Kaiser Health News, and highlights the over usage of prescription medication on seniors. . . .
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